Adoption & Foster Care


Adoption provides children who are unable to be raised by their biological parents the chance to become permanent legal members of another family while maintaining genetic and psychological connections to their birth family.

Building a family by adoption is fundamentally different than building a family biologically, with lifelong implications for the adopted individual, the adoptive parents, and the birth parents.

Before a child is adopted, Virginia law requires that the adoptive family have an approved home study performed by a licensed agency. The Louisa County Department of Human Services will assist you in this process.

Foster Care

Children enter into foster care for many reasons, including abuse, neglect and abandonment. From the time a child enters the foster care system, the child has a "permanency goal" designed to ensure they will have an appropriate family with which to live.

Foster Care provides services, substitute care, and supervision for a child on a 24-hour basis until the child can return to his or her family or be placed in an adoptive home or another permanent placement.