Family Days at the Heritage Farm

Family Days will be held at Heritage Farm, which is located beside the Sargeant Museum at 214 Fredericksburg Avenue, Louisa, Virginia. These Family Days program times are 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. and are FREE. 

Come for a few minutes or a few hours!






The Frugal Farmwife
Saturday, May 13th
Friday, May 19th
​Activities of fun involving everyone in the family as we depict 'a day in the life' on the Heritage Farm.  Using tips from 19th century literature such as The Virginia Housewife, our costumed interpreter engages visitors in perfoming daily life skills using tools and techniques of the time period.  Be prepared to join in the work!

Fibers and Fabrics at the Farm
Saturday, June 3rd

Life on the farm involved raising sheep, cotton and flax to make clothing and other fabric items needed on the farm.  Even items such as bedcovers and sacks all had to be hand-made.  Visitors will get to participate in these hands-on activities of harvesting, preparing, spinning, weaving and sewing of hand-made items


Keeping​Cool at the Farm
Saturday, July 8th
Imagine farm life in the 19th century with no air conditioning!  Join us as we discover the ways children and adults found to keep cool.  Following the theme of an old-fashioned picnic, we will have a watermelon spitting contest, water relays, and even make some old fashioned ice cream.

End of Summer at the Farm
Saturday, August 12th

Summer is coming to an end and it's now time to begin the harvest of vegetables...and to create fun crafts from them.  There is also lots of laundry to be done, with occasions for everyone to get splashed in the process!  Join us as we show how a farm household prepares for the winter as the days start to grow shorter.