Aging~Get On With It! Workshop

Do people ever ask you ‘Aren’t you worried about getting old?’ Do you ever think to yourself that you’ve gotten old faster than you thought you would? This workshop, based on the book by Anne Lucas, includes an aging manual that will help you to see aging concerns as something you can easily overcome. For anyone age 50 to 65, Bernie White, who has over 20 years experience leading Quality Enhancement Seminars, will discuss the responsibilities, challenges, and realities of aging. Practical survival planning guidance and workable solutions will be shared to help ease the effects of growing old. This is NOT a financial planning class and nothing is being sold; it is simply a guideline presented to gain mastery of your later years and protect you from pitfals that await us all if we do not knowingly avoid them. This is a gutsy survival manual workshop for everyone over 50 who intends to maintain control over the rest of their life. No one can make your senior years rewarding...except you. The deadline to register for this workshop is October 20th and November 17th.
October 28 thru November 11
Betty Queen Center
9:00 a.m. until Noon 
3 Classes
6 Minimum/12 Maximum
Next Class: Nov 25-Dec 9