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Battle of Trevilian Station

The largest all cavalry battle of the Civil War was fought in and around Trevilian Station just west of Louisa courthouse. Official Civil War Trail signs guide a driving tour of the Battle. Detailed tour brochures available at the Sargeant Museum in Louisa and online at www.louisacountyhistoricalsociety.org/tours/ and www.trevilianstation.org.

Civil War Battlefield Driving Tour

Begin your auto tour in front of the Ogg Building in downtown Louisa next to the Courthouse at the Virginia Civil War Trails marker. Visit www.louisacountyhistoricalsociety.org/tours/ for mobile interactive tour maps with audio – accessible by smartphones.

Eden Farms

A small, family-run pet ranch offering baby rabbits for sale year-round, as well as indoor pet cages andoutdoor hutches, accessories and more. Also offering nursery berry plants and shrubs. If you do not watnt o make a purchase but want to see the Farm anyway, the cost is $15 for a tour that will last about 30 minutes, and you can brin up to seven people. Call for pricing on larger groups.

4605 Fox Chase Run
Gum Springs, VA 23065
(804) 556-3377

Historic Green Springs District

Green Springs National Historic Landmark District encompasses over 14,000 acres in the piedmont of Central Virginia. The 250 eighteenth and nineteenth century homes and farm lands are a continuum of Virginia rural vernacular architecture, reflective and respectful of their location, preserved in their original context with little alteration. Here the landscape has been enhanced, rather than despoiled, by the presence of civilization. Located on the western edge of the county. Statelyl mansions dot the rolling countryside, surrounded by large tracts of poperty perserving the rural atmosphere of Louisa County.

P.O. Box 1838
Louisa, VA 23093
(540) 371-1112 / (540) 967-9671

Lake Anna Outfitters

Offering canoe, kayak, paddleboard & paddle boat rentals. We can help you plan a half or full day paddling route with logistical support and more. Give us a call to arrange your visit. We sell and rent sit-in and sit-on-top Emotion kayaks.

Lake Anna Travel

Local travel agency arranging cruises, world tours, vacations and all inclusive resorts.

2636 Peach Grove Rd.
Louisa, VA 23093

Legacy Mustang Preservation

People Helping Mustangs. Mustangs Helping People. Legacy Mustang Preservation is on a mission to provide a nurturing environment for the American Mustang and promote the understanding, appreciation, and adoption of this distinctly American breed.

Visit us by appointment
1658 Evergreen Rd
Louisa, VA 23093
(540) 661-9990

North Anna Nuclear Information Center

North Anna generates 1,806 megawatts from its two units-enough to power 450,00 homes. The facility was named after the North Anna River, which was dammed to form the 9,600-acre Lake Anna reservoir and the 3,400-acre Waste Heat Treatment Facility, used to provide cooling water for the station. To see how electricity is generated and sent to your home, Dominion Virginia Power offers public tours at North Anna Power Station as part of its community information program. Allow approximately 1 – 2 hours for this fun and free tour.

1022 Haley Drive Mineral, VA 23117
Mineral, VA 23117
(540) 894-2029 / (804) 771-3200

Project Perry / The Central Virginia Parrot Sanctuary

The Central Virginia Parrot Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and sanctuary of parrots living in captivity. Our primary mission is to provide exceptional natural environments for our residents where they can enjoy the enrichment of flight and the togetherness of flock with excellent care provided by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. Parrots and other exotic birds represent the largest population of captive wildlife in the U.S., and the need to protect them continues to grow. Our impact extends beyond our residents through outreach and education – helping to improve the lives of birds everywhere. We are one of six accredited parrot sanctuaries in the entire United States, accredited by both the American Sanctuary Association (ASA) and Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS). Visit by apppointment.

P.O. Box 1208
Louisa, VA 23093
(540) 967-0447

Sorbie Farm Alpacas

At our farm we breed and raise alpacas. We welcome visitors of all ages to see and interact with these gentle, beautiful South American animals. Our facility includes a farm store that carries alpaca fleece products from yarn to finished garments. Come learn more about these creatures whose fleece rivals cashmere.

374 Sorbie Lane
Mineral, VA 23117
(540) 872-5251


The Exchange Hotel Civil War Medical Museum

Virginia’s only standing Civil War receiving hospital which provided care for over 70,000 soldiers. During the reconstruction period, the building served the newly freed slaves as a Freemans Bureau hospital and school. Now fully restored the museum is dedicated to the timeline of the history of the Exchange Hotel and the Civil War era.

400 South Main Street
Gordonsville, VA 22942
(540) 832-2944

Town of Louisa Walking Tour

A self-guided walking tour that departs from the Ogg Building next to the Louisa Historical Courthouse. On the tour is the Old Jail, many historical homes and churches ending at the Old Oakland Cemetery 1870 which provided the last resting place for 94 marked graves who fought in the Battle of Trevilian Station 1864. Explore the walking tour at louisahistory.org/tours.

212 Fredericksburg Avenue
Louisa, VA 23093
(540) 967-1400


150th Battle of Trevilians – Audio Driving Tour

Created by the Louisa County Historical Society and the Trevilians Battlefield Foundation. Tour begins at the Sergeant Museum and through 11 stops, detailing Louisa’s Civil War history. This Audio Tour is a great way to interact with local history.

Use the “my location” tool on the map to enable your location. Image loading may be slow in rural areas due to weak cellular signal.

We invite you to listen and tour for FREE. Click here.